Sexy, Selling, Signature Topics Course


Now that is a Sexy, Selling Signature Topic!

Sexy exudes confidence. 

Sexy has mastered the art of (body) language.  

Sexy is being, giving and generous.  Sexy grabs attention – and keeps it. 

Sexy keeps ‘em coming back for more.

What if you could generate a sexy, selling, signature topic that is so sexy it helps you stay booked all year? 

 What if your signature topic drops jaws and makes people say “Wow! When is this Speaker available for my event?”  

What if your topic was so sexy it sold you consistently? 

What would that do for your calendar? Your career? Your confidence? Your cash-flow?

Let us tell you – it would do a lot!

Wendi is here to walk you through the process, hold you accountable and see that you finish with at least one sexy, selling, signature topic title!

This course incldues all course material, a bonus, PLUS access to Wendi for a month after you sign up!

See you inside!


Founder of Charli Jane Speakers

What's included?

8 PDFs
Wendi McNeill
Wendi McNeill
Founder of Charli Jane Speakers

About the instructor

Wendi helps connect Meeting Planners and Speakers from all lifestyles since 2002. She is a creative and savvy entrepreneur who brings with her 34 years of rich experience. She helps public speakers set up their own businesses, market, and manage so they can have a satisfying and successful speaking business.

As the Founder and Owner of Charli Jane Speaker Services, she has been “Opening Doors of Opportunity” for speakers since 2002. Charli Jane Speakers provides speakers with support, exposure, tools, tips, speaking and media leads, coaching programs, home study programs and much more to assist them in growing their speaking business.

Read Wendi McNeill's story here.

Wendi works with Speakers from ALL walks of life, seasoned speakers, beginning speakers and re-entry speakers (or what I like to call “stuck” speakers). For 16 years, she has been helping Speakers increase their visibility, hire-ability and increase their speaking schedule by having a strong platform. She works with highly motivated individuals that have the passion, the hustle and drive to succeed; but they must also have an open mind towards chang

Get that Sexy, Selling, Signature Topic Title done today! 

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