Transform Your Speaking Business…Get More Clients, More Freedom, More Income. Have More Fun!

This subject scares some, frustrates others and excites many. It is the secret ingredient to your speaking success.


I truly believe each and every one of you has a very unique talent and gift to share with this world. I believe you are meant to serve one, and only one, group of people - one especially targeted group of people.

Perhaps you haven’t a clue which market you want to work with and which group of people to focus your energies one.

If that’s the case, this course will help you determine that!

What would it be like for you to fill your speaking schedule?

Can you imagine a time when you have to decline a booking because you simply don’t have room to calendar it? Is it in your plan to speak only a handful of times a year at lucrative gigs so you can devote the rest of your time to being with family, or into travel, charity, service, hobbies, dream vocations?

Are you a new, re-entry or even a seasoned speaker and not seeing the results you want? If so, then this course was developed with you specifically in mind. It will be one of the most important steps and investments you can make in building your career.

Quit going in circles

In this course, Wendi McNeill, Founder & Owner of Charli Jane Speakers, teaches you how to define your Niche, identify your market and connect with your audience. 

Today, more than ever, it’s key to be a specialized speaker who offers valuable content and who delivers huge walk away benefits for your audience.

If you struggle with knowing who you are meant to serve, what your Niche is or how to go about finding your audience and market, then this is an ideal course for you.

Stop trying to be all things to all audiences.

A Generalist Speaker is a Struggling Speaker.

Learn how easy it is to connect with your niche and find your audience, so that you can stay booked year after year serving your perfect match in an audience. Wendi takes you by the hand and walks you through the step-by-step process of finding your place, helping you carve out, claim & conquer your piece of the Speaking World

Make the commitment to work the strategies Wendi teaches you in this program... and you will see definite results!

Inspired by Wendi’s 30+ years in business and coaching professional Speakers, this program teaches you the strategies you must know to Get Found by your ideal clients and win the gigs.

The course Includes:

  • 3 PDFs (Part 1-3)
  • Worksheets (Part 1-3)
  • 3 Video training
  • 3 Audio Training  
  • Discount to the Charli Jane Speakers Cub (access 400 speaking opportunities every month!

Start out right, right from the start. Know where you are going before you get going.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    What to Expect in the Program

    • What to Expect Defining Your Niche and Finding Your Audience

  • 2

    Part 1. Defining Your Niche - Finding Your Audience

    • Defining Your Niche and Finding Your Audience

    • Niche-Audience Part One Video

    • Niche-Audience Part One Audio

  • 3

    Part 2. Defining Your Niche - Finding Your Audience

    • Defining Your Niche and Finding Your Audience-Part Two

    • Niche-Audience Part Two Video

    • Niche-Audience Part Two Audio

  • 4

    Part 3. Defining Your Niche - Finding Your Audience

    • Defining Your Niche and Finding Your Audience-Part Three

    • Niche-Audience Part Three Video

    • Niche-Audience Part Three Audio

About the instructor

Founder of Charli Jane Speakers

Wendi McNeill

Wendi helps connect Meeting Planners and Speakers from all lifestyles since 2002. She is a creative and savvy entrepreneur who brings with her 34 years of rich experience. She helps public speakers set up their own businesses, market, and manage so they can have a satisfying and successful speaking business.As the Founder and Owner of Charli Jane Speaker Services, she has been “Opening Doors of Opportunity” for speakers since 2002. Charli Jane Speakers provides speakers with support, exposure, tools, tips, speaking and media leads, coaching programs, home study programs and much more to assist them in growing their speaking business.Wendi works with Speakers from ALL walks of life, seasoned speakers, beginning speakers and re-entry speakers (or what I like to call “stuck” speakers). For 16 years, she has been helping Speakers increase their visibility, hire-ability and increase their speaking schedule by having a strong platform. She works with highly motivated individuals that have the passion, the hustle and drive to succeed; but they must also have an open mind towards change.

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