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Crafting a Speaker Onesheet That Sells YOU!

Hi There! Its Wendi here, founder of Charli Jane Speakers and the “Crafting a Speaker Onesheet that sells YOU course” I've developed this simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand course that will have you ready to Rock out your Onesheet in no time!


10 Day Challenge to a Booked Speaking Gig!

If you want this to work you must dedicate yourself for a FULL 10 days. There are no promises that you will book a speaking gig in 10 days. Is there a chance? HECK YES! ONLY if you do your homework and dedicate yourself for 10 days!


Defining Your Niche - Finding Your Audience

This subject scares some, frustrates others and excites many. It is the secret ingredient to your speaking success. DO NOT SKIP IT. Get access to your teacher, Wendi McNeill who answers questions for this course every Tuesday!


Sexy, Selling, Signature Topics Course

Sexy, Selling, Signature Topic Course